LSU’s Famous Keg Stand Grandma Is Back For Another Season (Video)

lsu keg stand grandma

Remember last year when we told you about a certain elderly LSU Tigers football fan with a penchant for doing keg stand at tailgating parties?

Well, despite this woman’s obvious distain for healthy living, she managed to survive the summer and live to see another football season. And, as you would expect, she is up to her old tricks again, partying hard, looking for random hookups, and cheering on the Bayou Bengals.

Actually, now that I think about it, maybe grandma’s keg stands are actually the key to her longevity. Perhaps spending all that time defying gravity has reversed the aging process.

Or maybe not. I don’t’ know. The point is, here is another grandma keg stand video:

I bet you wish she was your grandma, don’t you?

Man, college football fans are the best.

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