Michael Bisping Was Being Heckled At An Open Training Event, So He Kicked The Guy Out (Video)

michael bispring kicks heckler fan out of open media workout

UFC 152 goes down in Toronto on Saturday. And while the main event is a bout between UFC Light Heavyweight Champion Jon Jones and former champ Vitor Belfort, it’s middleweight Michael Bisping stealing the attention as the fighters train in Toronto this week.

You see, yesterday they held open media workouts at the Extreme Cotoure club in Toronto, which allowed fans and media a chance to watch the fighters train and hear their thoughts about the upcoming event. The UFC does this before all their events. But Michael Bisping had to face some unusual circumstances while he was sparring with his coach: a heckler.

Why would a guy go to what is basically a good-will event and heckle a guy while he tries to train for some serious and dangerous hand-to-hand combat? Who knows. But it was bush-league, and neither Bisping nor his coach liked it, so they kicked the guy out.

Take a look:

Was the guy saying something particularly offensive? Here’s Bisping’s explanation of the event, given afterward to a reporter:

So what do you think? Did Bisping do the right thing, or is his skin too thin?

I say heckling doesn’t belong at friendly events like this, so the guy got what he deserved.

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