MMA Fighter Misses Spinning Backfist, Walks Into Knockout Punch (Video)

spinning backfist fail

The thing about spinning strikes in mixed martial arts is they look great when they do work, but when they don’t work, well, they leave your entire face open for business.

Chael Sonnen found that out the hard way during the second round of his UFC 148 bout with Anderson Silva, as he was doing everything right, on his way towards upsetting the UFC Middleweight Champion, before missing a spinning backfist, falling into the cage, and taking a knee to the face.  Seconds later, the bout was over and Silva was still the champ.

As for no-name fighter Matt Lawrence, well he probably thought to himself, “I’ll show that Chael Sonnen how a real man throws a spinning backfist,” during his Island Fights bout against Dillon Cleckler on August 31st.  And, well, you can find out how that went by watching the video below.  But I’ll warn you now.  It wasn’t pretty.

Check it out:

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