Watch This Busty Woman In A Bikini Test Drive An ATV (Video)

bikini girl rides atv

If you enjoyed the video we posted yesterday featuring a busty young woman named Suki going for a bouncy off-road ride in the new Ford F-150, then I suspect you will also enjoy today’s offering.

What is it? It’s a video featuring a rather well-endowed female taking a spin on an ATV…in a bikini.

If you find yourself asking why she’s riding an ATV in a bikini (and why somebody is filming it), then just don’t watch. You probably won’t enjoy it. And for that matter, you probably wouldn’t enjoy that video of Sofia Vergara working out in a pool in a bikini, or the one in which an NHL cameraman zooms in on a bosomy Flyers fan. So don’t watch those either.

Anyway, here’s the video of the girl on the ATV…just because.

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