It Was “Star Trek Night” At The Trop in Tampa Last Night (Video)

star trek night at tropicana field tampa rays

Earlier this season, the Tampa Bay Rays and nine other teams around Major League Baseball teamed up with Stand Up 2 Cancer and LucasFilms to hold “Star Wars Nights” at the ballpark. I have no idea if these events actually raised any money for cancer research, but we did get to see Darth Vader on the kiss cam, and that was pretty awesome.

The Rays, however, decided that they weren’t done making money off the local nerd population in central Florida. So they decided to hold another sci-fi themed baseball game last night, and this time the theme was Star Trek.

So what did Star Trek Night at Tropicana Field entail? Basically, lots and lots of nerds.

Fans could buy special packages that included seats in the press-level area and a special Ray-Star Trek commemorative t-shirt starting at just $29. And, of course, everyone was encouraged to dress up as their favorite characters—like they actually needed that encouragement.

Anyway, it made for a pretty interesting night at the ballpark. Take a look:

I must say that I agree with the announcer: how did that guy get his Klingon weapon into the stadium?

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