Browns And Bills Fans Give Us Our Latest NFL Fan Fight (Video)

fan fight at bills browns game

Yesterday, the Buffalo Bills took on the Cleveland Browns in what I like to call the “Battle of Old Lake Erie Steel Towns with Pathetic Football Teams.” And as you can imagine, with those kind of bragging rights on the table, fans of both teams were really pumped up.

So you know what that means: video of yet another fan fight from an NFL game. In fact, checking out the weekend’s most awesome fan fight is starting to becoming a Monday morning tradition. And interestingly, this is the second fight featuring Buffalo Bills fans in just three weeks.

The first, of course, came during the Bills’ opening week-loss to the Jets. That’s the game where the Jets fan socked a female Bills fan in the face. (He’s probably just a feminist who thinks women should be treated the same as men in every facet of life.)

Unfortunately, this week’s fight doesn’t feature any men punching women. However, it does feature an older Bills fan wailing on a younger Browns fan, and a women yelling “Stop it!” over, and over, and over—though her pleas were never heeded.

Take a look:

So who do you think would win in a stadium cage fight: Bills fans, or Raiders fans?

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