2-For-1 Special: This Video Features Not One But Two Fan Fights (Video)

crazy fan fight

The good news? You’re about to see yet another video of a crazy fan fight. The bad news? I have no idea where or when this fight takes place. There are, however, a couple of clues.

For starters, the description of the video on YouTube, which is in Russian, apparently translates to “fans at Euro 2012 are severely punished.” So okay, it’s at the Euro, right?

Only problem is, a number of these people are wearing Mexico jerseys, and one of the dudes getting pounded is wearing a Carlos Zambrano #38 Cubs Jersey. And while it’s not impossible that a bunch of Mexicans and Venezuelans went to Poland to watch the Euro this past summer, it seems more likely that the description is wrong, and that it took place somewhere in Latin America.

But then here’s another curve: Are the fans in this section chanting “Jerry! Jerry!” a la the Jerry Springer Show? If so, then you’d think this is in the U.S.? But if it’s in the U.S., where are the freaking cops?

So you see, it’s a real mystery.

In any case, it’s an epic fight. The video starts off with the aforementioned man in the Cubs jersey getting thrown down the stairs and then ganged up on by three other dudes. Then a fight breaks out between two women, and there’s an awful lot of hair-pulling before the two are separated.

Check it out:

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