Heavy Hearted Torrey Smith Scores Two Touchdowns During The Ravens’ Victory (Video)

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Yesterday, Baltimore Ravens receiver Torrey Smith received something nobody ever wants: a telephone call in the middle of the night telling him that his younger brother had been killed in a motorcycle accident.

After hearing the news about his 19-year-old brother, Smith left the team hotel around 1 A.M. to be with his family in northeast Virginia. When he returned later in the day, he tried to sleep, but was only able to keep his eyes shut for about an hour. He then spent the rest of the day talking with teammates and taking part in a reportedly emotional team church service.

So how did Smith repay his team for all the support they gave him throughout the most difficult day of his life? By playing his heart out that night.

When he went to the stadium at about 4 P.M., he texted his mother and told her he was thinking about playing that night. She responded by telling him that is exactly what his brother would have wanted. So Smith took the field with a heavy heart and dedicated his game to his late brother.

And what a game it was—Torrey recorded 6 catches for 127 yards and two TDs, and the Ravens came from behind to defeat the Patriots 31-30.

Afterward, a teary Smith told the team, “I have my family, and I have you as my family. I couldn’t have done it without you guys.”

Here’s the first of Smith’s two touchdowns:

What’s that in the corner of your eye? Is that a tear?

Yeah, well don’t worry.  You certainly aren’t the only one who unleashed a tear, or two, during this emotional performance by the Ravens’ wide receiver.

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