16 Awesome TV Shows About Sports

sports tv shows

The other day I had a terrifying thought: did I miss the season premier of The League? But I looked it up and discovered, thankfully, I had not. The kickoff to season 4 is still a few weeks away. However, my moment of panic got me wondering why on earth there aren’t more shows about sports on television? I mean, we all love sports. And we all love TV. (Or at least some of us do.) So they seem like such a natural combination. And yet, right now, there are only 4 sports-themed shows on TV that I know of. What gives?

Anyway, today, in honor of the upcoming season of The League, I thought it would be fun to remember all the great (and, frankly, not so great) sports-themed TV shows over the years. I’ve listed them according to their ratings on IMDB.com, but that doesn’t mean you have to agree. Which one was your favorite?

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