Cards’ Jon Jay Makes Amazing Circus Catch At Minute Maid Park (Video)

jon jay amazing catch

Last year, the St. Louis Cardinals traded away their former “center fielder of the future,” Colby Rasmus, because they thought they had a very capable replacement in Jon Jay.

How has Jay repaid their faith in him? By playing great defense and hitting .299/.358/.412 over his 1,155 career at-bats.

In fact, so far this season, Jay has no errors in center field. None. He and Curtis Granderson are the only center fielders in baseball who have started over 100 games and not committed an error. Sure, there are other guys who you might say are better fielders because they have more range, but if nothing else, Jon Jay has been sure-handed.

Until last night, that is.

You see, Jay got a pretty bad read on a line drive hit by the Houston Astros’ Jason Castro in the bottom of the 4th inning at Minute Maid Park, and the ball almost got over his head. However, rather than give up, Jay lept up in the air, deflected the ball with his glove, then swatted at it with his bare left hand before finally grabbing it for good.

Take a look:

Was it pretty? Definitely not. But it got the job done, and Jay is still officially without an error on the season. So I say, nice work Jay.

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