Well This Is Shocking: Some Fans Got Into A Fight At The Raiders Game On Sunday (Video)

drunk raiders fan tries to fight steelers fan outside restroom

Hello, and welcome to our third installment of “Raiders Fans Behaving Badly”—our weekly glimpse into the glamorous life of the ever obnoxious, always pugnacious Oakland Raiders fans.

You might remember that last week we brought you video of two Raiders fans getting into a nasty fight over someone cutting in line in the men’s room. And of course, the week before that we brought you not one, but two videos of Raiders fans smoking joints on TV and brawling in the stands during their season opener against San Diego.

For this week’s installment, we have a lovely little clip of a drunk Oakland Raiders fan trying to fight a Pittsburgh Steelers fan who doesn’t really want to fight, but can nevertheless hold his own.

The incident occurred during the Raiders’ Week 3 victory over Big Ben and the Steelers, and it appears as though it takes place outside the men’s room. The guy in the Roethlisberger jersey doesn’t really seem keen to fight, but the guy in the Raiders gear sure wants to go. Unfortunately for him, he doesn’t really seem to be in possession of all his gross motor skills, and other fans eventually intervene to prevent him from getting pounded.

Take a look:

Fun stuff.

Please join us next week for our next installment of “Raiders Fans Behaving Badly.” Goodnight!

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