The 15 Hottest Pro Lacrosse Cheerleaders

15 hot lacrosse cheerleaders NLL MLL

If you’re a big sports fan, you probably knew that there was a professional lacrosse league. But did you know that there are two professional lacrosse leagues (the NLL and the MLL)? And that both of them have cheerleaders? Well, they do. And while these cheerleading squads aren’t nearly as hot as the squads you’ll see at an NFL game, or an NBA game, or a college football game, or…well, pretty much any other type of game where there are cheerleaders…they’re still cheerleaders. And who doesn’t love cheerleaders? So today I present you with my take on the 15 hottest pro lacrosse cheerleaders. Have a look—maybe it’ll make you want to check out a lacrosse game some time.

And in case you didn’t get the point…cheerleaders, cheerleaders, cheerleaders.

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