8th Grade Football Player Isaiah Stokes Could Pick You Up And Break You In Half

isaiah stokes huge 8th grade football player

Last month we told you about poor Elijah Earnheart, the 6’1″ 300lb 12-year-old from Texas who was banned from playing in his local pee wee football league because officials said he was too big.

Well, apparently not every freakishly large adolescent experiences the same problem.

Case in point: Isaiah Stokes. This kid lives in Memphis, Tennessee, is in the eighth grade, and is already 6’7″ and 225 pounds. Oh, and obviously, he plays football (that, or he likes to catch and eat little boys for breakfast, judging by the image above).

Seriously, this kid is a beast, and yet he’s allowed on the same field as regular-sized 8th graders. It’s nuts!

Interestingly enough, Isaiah’s brother is Jarnell Stokes, the University of Tennessee sophomore basketball player who was All-SEC as a freshman last year, and who, at the age of 18, is 6’8, 270. In fact, it was Jarnell who tweeted this picture of his little bro and got the sports world buzzing in the first place.

I wonder how long it will be before colleges start showing up at Isaiah’s doorstep trying to recruit him.

Hat Tip – [Sports Grid]

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