“Prime Time” Deion Sanders Took BP With The Orioles Yesterday And Knocked One Out Of The Park

deion sanders batting practice with baltimore orioles

It’s easy to forget these days—since we mostly see him goofing around at his “job” as an analyst for the NFL Network—but Deion Sanders, aka “Prime Time” and “Neon Deion,” is actually one of the greatest professional athletes of all time.

I mean, the guy is not only a member of the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and, according to NFL.com, the 34th greatest football player of all time. He also played baseball for nine seasons with the Yankees, Braves, Reds, and Giants.

No, he wasn’t as good at baseball as he was at football, and he never played a full season because he always had to head to NFL training camp in August, but he certainly wasn’t terrible. Sanders led the league in triples in 1992 with 14, and for his career he was a .273 hitter.

Anyway, on Wednesday, while he was in town to cover Thursday’s Ravens-Browns game, Sanders stopped by the Ballpark at Camden Yards to visit his old manager from his Yankees days, Buck Showalter…and take a little BP.

So how did the 45-year-old do?

Well, he tried to give himself an excuse for hitting poorly before he even started by complaining that they gave him a left-handed pitcher even though he, too, is left-handed.

Check it out:

However, it turned out that Deion didn’t need any excuses. He actually hit quite well, even smacking one out of the park. (You can see that one here.)

So, yeah, apparently he’s still got it.

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