Legendary NFL Referee Ed Hochuli Celebrated The End Of The Referee Lockout By Dropping Down And Doing Pushups


You think you’re glad the real NFL referees are coming back to work? Think of how the referees must feel. They’ve been sitting on their butts since June, locked out by the league’s greedy billionaire owners over a salary bump that works out to just $189K per team. They must be over the moon to be getting back to work this weekend.

And don’t you worry about the pro refs being rusty. They’ve had 61-year-old referee/lawyer/comedian/fitness fanatic Ed Hochuli keeping them in top form this whole time.

You see, Hochuli is more than just a ref with a flare for public speaking and two tickets to the gun show. He’s also one of the most senior and respected refs in the league…and an honest to goodness lawyer for the law firm Jones, Skelton & Hochuli. So during the lockout, Hochuli has been holding weekly conference calls with over 100 league officials on Tuesday nights, during which they would discuss the results of the weekly rules tests they would take to stay sharp and ready to go.

So, yeah, Hochuli was definitely ready to go back to work, and he was totally pumped when he heard the news that the lockout was over.

How pumpped? Well, according to the NFL Network’s Jeff Darlington, he said, “As soon as I heard the rumors today, I got down on the floor and started doing puchups.”

Awesome, right?

Welcome back, Ed.

Hat Tip – [NESN & CBS]

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