South Park Made Fun Of The NFL Replacement Ref Fiasco Last Night (Video)

south park makes fun of replacement refs

You know, as a football fan, I’m thrilled that the NFL and referees’ union have finally reached a deal, and that the replacement referees are gone for good.

However, my job also requires that I be an impartial observer sometimes. And as an impartial observer, I have to say, I’m kind of going to miss the replacement refs. Sure, they ruined games and were a danger to the players, but they were also hilarious. I mean, be honest: you’re going to miss making fun of them, aren’t you?

I know I will. And I’ll also miss the internet memes and parody videos, like this one from the geniuses over at South Park.

That’s right, I said South Park. Last night’s episode was titled “Sarcastaball,” and while I won’t go into details (because they’re a little…um…disgusting), the plot did manage to include a dig at the NFL’s embarrassing replacement ref fiasco from this past Monday night.

Take a look:

If you’re wondering why the players are wearing silly bras and hugging each other, it’s because they’re not playing football. They’re playing a new game created by Stan called (you guessed it) Sarcastaball that takes the nation by storm and overtakes football as the most popular sport.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone never miss a chance to make fun of current events, do they?

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