U of Minnesota’s Midfield Logo Is A Little Off-Center (Pic)

u of minnesota midfield logo

In all Canadian Football League stadiums, the midfield logo will appear on the 55-yard line (yes, the fields North of the Boarder are 110 yards long, not including their 20-yard end zones).  In the National Football League, the midfield logo appears on the 50-yard line.  And that is also the case in most NCAA football stadiums, however, there does appear to be one college stadium in the United States that isn’t playing by those same rules.

That stadium belongs to the University of Minnesota football team, as the individual responsible for painting the giant “M” at midfield missed his mark by five-yards.

I guess not everyone associated with the 2012 Golden Gophers football team is perfect, however, the team as a whole has been perfect to this point, with a 4-0 record.  Should they fall five yards short of staying perfect when they take on the Iowa Hawkeyes on Saturday, we’ll surely look back at this field painting error as a serious case of foreshadowing.

Hat Tip – [Buzzfeed]

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