20 Ridiculous High School Team Names

ridiculous funny weird high school team names mascots

Did you ever notice how the further down you go on the sports pyramid, the weirder the mascots get?

For example, there aren’t really any professional sports teams with bizarre names. Sure, some are unusual (Indiana Pacers), anachronistic (Cincinnati Reds), offensive (Washington Redskins) or just plain dumb (Minnesota Wild), but none of them are bizarre.

However, if you take one step down in the pro ranks, you’ll find a lot of minor league teams with weird names—the Ashville Tourists come to mind. And if go down one step further to the college ranks, then you find a lot more—like the Saint Louis Billikens , the Erskine College Flying Feet, or the Oglethorpe University Stormy Petrels.

However, not even the weirdest college mascots can compare to what you find on the high school level. And today I’m going to prove it with this list of 20 Ridiculous High School Team Names. There are so many bizarre ones out there that I can’t claim this list is comprehensive. But I can guarantee you’ll have a few good laughs.

And of course, if you know of any hilarious high school team names, please do share.

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