Parenting Skillz: Photo Surfaces Of Genius Holding Baby Up For Keg Stand At Arizona State Tailgate Party

Move over LSU keg-standing grandma.

Hello ASU keg-standing baby.

Last weekend the Arizona State Sun Devils played the Utah Utes at home in Tempe, and as you would expect, there was some pretty serious tailgating going on before hand that led to some pretty serious bad judgment.

But I’m not just talking about “cheerleader had too many fuzzy navels and ended up dancing on the bar” bad judgment. I’m talking “somebody decided it would be hilarious to lift a baby upside down so he could do a keg stand” bad judgement.

Seriously, this guy put on a bad parenting clinic. And, obviously, everyone had their phones out snapping pictures, so the photo eventually ended up on

Now, according to a university spokesperson, “ASU Police are looking into the posted photo.” Though they also admit “it’s not clear if this is a joke or an actual event that occurred.”

Of course, I’m sure it was a joke, right? I mean, I know Arizona State is a party school, but they’re not this crazy, are they?

baby doing keg stand

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