Female Rangers Fan Likes To Party And Drop F-Bombs On Live Television (Video)

rangers fan f-bomb mohawk

I’m not from Texas, I’ve never been to Texas, and I don’t know anyone from Texas. However, I have to admit that, over the last several years, I’ve become a big Texas Rangers fan.

Why? Because the team is exciting and fun, and their fans are awesome.

You want some examples? Man, where do I begin.

Well, there was the fan who caught a home run ball and did the sprinkler. And of course, there was that other fan who caught a home run ball and did the worm. Oh, and let’s not forget the guy who challenged the food vendor to a dance-off, or the break dancing bat boy, B-Boy McCoy.

Yeah, sure, some of the fans aren’t that knowledgable about the game. But hey, at least they’re up front about it. And anyway, for every unknowing fan, there’s a dude who is psyched about every single pitch, or a dude who just reaches up and catches a foul ball while talking on the phone like it’s no big deal.

And then there’s the team itself. Josh Hamilton? He’s such a cool dude, he shares his Twizzlers with the fans. Then there’s Evlis Andrus, who’s a practical joker; manager Ron Washington, who has a flair for colorful language and some serious dance moves; and, last but not least, there’s the comedy team of Derek Holland and Ryan Dempster.

So in short, if the Rangers aren’t the most likable team in pro sports, I don’t know who is. And today I’ve got another clip to add to the collection. It features a rather attractive female Rangers fan with a funky hairdo who knows how to party.

Check it out:

See? You gotta love the Rangers.

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