Buffalo Bills Ball Boy Face-Plants, Injures Himself (Video)

bills ball boy face plant injures himself

Usually in the NFL, if you hear somebody got injured on the kickoff, you assume it was a player. Maybe somebody on the kicking team didn’t see the receiver signal a fair catch, or perhaps the kicker pulled a hamstring—something like that.

But during the New England Patriots’ historic second half run against the Buffalo Bills yesterday, it wasn’t a player who got hurt during a kickoff following one of the visitors’ six second-half touchdowns. Rather, it was one of the home team’s ball boys.

The injury in question came on the kickoff following the Pats’ fifth touchdown of the second half. The ball went into the end zone for a touchback and took a high bounce toward the stands. One of the ball boys in charge of corralling loose balls decided to attempt a nice leaping catch…but he failed…miserably.

So, yeah, it was just that kind of day for the Bills—even their ball boys were embarrassing themselves.

On the bright side, and least he got his own game highlight! Not many lowly ball boys can say that.

Take a look:

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