Nats’ Michael Morse Takes Part In The Strangest Home Run Trot In Baseball History (Video)

michael morse reenacts grand slam

If you’re wondering why some people aren’t fans of the use of instant replay in baseball, this grand slam from Saturday night’s game between the Nationals and Cardinals in St. Louis might explain it.

It’s not that the replay didn’t help the umpiring crew make the right call. It did. It’s just that it gave us one of the weirdest home run trots in the history of baseball.

You see, with the bases loaded in the top of the first, Nationals left fielder Michael Morse hit a line drive to right field that appeared to hit off the top of the wall—or anyway, that was the umpires’ initial call on the field. However, Ryan Zimmerman put on the breaks while rounding third base for some reason, which forced Morse to run back to first base, where he was tagged out.

But after reviewing the play, the umpires determined correctly that the ball did in fact clear the outfield fence. And here’s where things got weird.

You see, even on home runs, the player has to touch every base.  And if there are multiple runners, they cannot overlap each other. If they do, then the home run can be negated. So in order to make sure there was no confusion and that the Cardinals couldn’t go and appeal the play, the umpires put everyone back at the base they started at, which meant Morse had to go all the way back to home plate. Then they had them reenact the home run trot.

But that’s still not the best part. No, the best part is that, when Morse got back to the batter’s box, Cardinals catcher Yadier Molina apparently suggested that he reenact the home run swing, too, just to be sure. So he did.

Take a look at the whole strange series of events for yourself:

I bet you’ve never seen anything quite like that before, have you?

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