Amazing Video: A Deer Crashes Into Downhill Skateboarder Going 40 MPH

downhill skateboarder hit by deer

The organizers of the Buffalo Bill Downhill Bloodspill longboard skateboarding race just can’t catch a break. The event just keeps getting interrupted by strange occurrences.

Last year the competition was cut short without a winner when a helicopter carrying a film crew crashed near the race course. Luckily everyone on board escaped without serious injury, but it’s never good for a sporting event to end without a champion (isn’t that why home field advantage of the World Series is now determined by the outcome of the All-Star Game?).

This year’s glitch wasn’t nearly as dangerous, and it didn’t result in the cancellation of the race. However, it did provide some absolutely incredible video footage.

During one of the heats this past weekend at BBDH 2012, one extremely unlucky competitor didn’t just have to navigate treacherous mountain roads at 40 mph on a skateboard. He also had to contend with a runaway deer…which ran out onto the course and plowed into him at full speed.

Take a look:

Apparently the skateboarder and the deer managed to escape without serious injury. However, I doubt it felt good, and it’s probably not what the guy had in mind when he forked over the $155 registration fee.

Then again, the race does have “bloodspill” in the title, so maybe this type of occurrence should be expected.

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