Crazy Ukrainian Soccer Fan Attacks The Referee (Video)

soccer fan attack ref

In America, football fans were busy celebrating their game’s officials over the weekend, as the NFL referees made their return to the field after missing the opening three weeks of the 2012 season due to a strike.

In the Ukraine, on the other hand, it was a much different scene, as their football fans (you know, the other kind of football) were busy storming the field in an effort to strangle the officials.

That was how things unfolded on the pitch during a Ukrainian soccer match between Chernomorets and FC Metalist on Saturday, as an angry Chernomorets fan ran onto the field and wrapped both of his hands around the neck of an official before being taken out by a nearby police officer.  However, the madness didn’t end there, as the fan began resisting arrest while being escorted off the field and had to be subdued with the help of several more officers.

Here’s a look at how it all unfolded:

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