Fan Runs Across Field And Tackles Winnipeg Blue Bombers Mascot From Behind (Video)

blue bombers mascot tackled by fan

It might seem like it’s all fun and games being a professional sports mascot, but let me assure you, it is not. Not only are those big fuzzy suits crazy hot (and I presume smelly), but they also have to perform crazy stunts that sometimes do not go according to plan.

In fact, even when they’re doing a basic, seemingly harmless dance number, their personal health and safety is at risk. Just ask the Winnipeg Blue Bombers’ mascot, Buzz.

On Saturday, Buzz was just standing around, dancing and minding his own business, when a crazy fan made a mad dash all the way across the field to tackle the unsuspecting anthropomorphic bird from behind.

Take a look:

When you see stuff like this, you can’t help but think it’s no wonder that these dudes sometimes snap, attack the fans, and have to be tackled by cops and led away in handcuffs.

But hey, this shouldn’t reflect poorly on the good people of Winnipeg. Sure, one of their own mercilessly attacked the local football team’s mascot. But at least the women shooting the video of the incident seem horrified and sympathetic to his plight.

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