The Always Classy Jay Cutler Gave Mike Tice The Cold Shoulder (Video)

jay cutler douche

Watch out Michael Vick and Ben Roethlisberger, because Jay Cutler is trying his hardest to become the most disliked man in the NFL.

Actually, that’s pretty much the only thing he works hard at—being a huge douche.

First the guy wore out his welcome with the coaching staff and fans in Denver. Then he quickly earned a reputation as soft and whiny in Chicago, which is not a town that tolerates soft and whiny very well. And, of course, earlier this season, he berated teammate J’Marcus Webb on the sidelines and even gave the guy a shoulder bump.

So what has Cutler done this time?

Well, even though the Bears routed Tony Romo and the Cowboys 38-14 last night in Arlington, he still found an excuse to act like a pompous prima donna. Apparently, this time he was upset that Bears offensive co-ordinator Mike Tice wasn’t calling plays fast enough. So he yelled at him. But then when Tice tried to sit down next to Cutler and discuss the situation, Cutler just got up and walked away.

Take a look at the video (and enjoy the excellent commentary):

How much more of this are the Bears going to put up with?

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