15 Hot Cricket WAGs

cricket wags

Yesterday it was brought to my attention that a major cricket competition is going on right now in Sri Lanka: the Twenty20 World Cup. And while I myself am not a cricket fan, I do appreciate the fact that there are close to a billion people who are, and that this makes the Twenty20 World Cup kind of a big deal. So I thought today I would pay tribut the sport in the very best way I know how: by doing a list of hot cricket wives and girlfriends—because everyone knows a sport isn’t a big deal unless the people who play it can attract extremely good-looking companions. And cricket players, it turns out, can most definitely do that.

So check out these fantastic cricket WAGs. Over half of them are attached to guys who are actually playing in the T20 World Cup right now. The other ones belong to what I have decided to call the Cricket WAG Hall of Fame, or WAGHOF—which basically means the cricket players are retired, but their WAGs are still insanely hot.

Why don’t you take a look?

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