A Streaker Interrupted the 66th Annual Motocross of Nations Last Weekend (Video)

streaker at motocross of nations

The 66th annual Motocross of Nations was held last weekend in Lommel, Belgium, and for the very first time the historic team motocross event was won by Germany. Rounding out the top three were Belgium, perhaps buoyed by the support of the home crowd, and the USA, who had their 7-year winning streak come to an end.

However, you didn’t click on this article to hear the results of the Motorcross of Nations. You clicked on this article because the headline had the word “streaker” in it. And I don’t blame you. Motorcross is great and all, but streakers pretty much trump anything, don’t they? I mean, isn’t that why they do it? I know it’s why that guy went streaking at the Ravens game a couple weeks ago. He wanted to garner attention for his anti-bullying campaign, and he knew he could do that by running across a football field while half naked.

Of course, streaking at games played on grass is a lot safer than streaking at motorsports events. And I don’t think the guy who went streaking at the Motocross of Nations had any special cause to promote. He was probably just hammered.

But you want to know the really strange part? There was no security there to apprehend the guy. They just let him run around the track until he got tired and left. Maybe we should take that very same approach here in North America?

In any case, here’s the video for you. The streaker comes in at about the 0:59 mark.

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