Barcelona’s Carlos Puyol Suffers Gruesome Arm Injury During UCL Match (Video)

carlos puyol injury

Thanks to goals from Alexis Sánchez and Cesc Fábregas, Barcelona was able to come away with a 2-0 victory over Benfica during their UEFA Champions League Group Stage match on Tuesday.  However, the Spanish soccer giants didn’t exactly emerge from the match unscathed, as they lost one of their key defenders, Carlos Puyol, to a nasty arm injury.

While attempting to connect on a header in the Benfica box during the 76th minute of the match, Puyol tried to cushion his fall with his hand, but landed awkwardly, causing his arm to bend in a way that arms aren’t supposed to bend.

The Spanish defender had to be carted off the field and was later diagnosed with a dislocated elbow, which is expected to keep him out of action for approximately two months.

Here is a look at the gruesome injury.

If you nearly lost your lunch after watching that, we apologize.

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