Watch Jalen Rose Reminisce About The Time Kobe Bryant Dropped 81 Points On The Raptors (Video)

jalen rose and vince carter riding raptors

Hey, remember that one time Kobe Bryant scored 81 points against the hapless Toronto Raptors? It was January 22, 2006, and it happened at the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

No, really? You don’t remember? Cause it was kind of a big deal, given that it was the second-most points anybody had ever scored in an NBA game.

Well, anyway, Jalen Rose remembers it. He was there, as a member of the aforementioned hapless Canadian basketball team. But he’s not bitter about it or anything. Sure, he’s got some criticism for the way ex-Raptors coach Sam Mitchell handled the situation. In fact, he’s got some subtle criticism for the entire Raptors organization, and even their fans.

But as for the time Kobe torched Toronto’s zone defense for 81 freakin points, Rose himself points out that it was a historic player who took the Raptors to school that night, not Luke Walton.

(Sorry, Luke Walton. It’s Jalen Rose’s dig, not mine.)

In fact, when Rose recently told the story of that night to the folks over at Grantland, the former baller and current ESPN analyst seems almost proud to have been a part of Kobe’s historic night, referring to the Black Mamba as a “Jordan Remix.”

Have a listen for yourself:

Those are some interesting insights, are they not?

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