Here’s What It Looks Like When Mark Cuban Gets Drunk And Rocks Out To “Gangnam Style” (Video)

mark cuban drunk partying gangnam style

You have to love Mark Cuban.

Well, actually, you don’t. A lot of people can’t stand him. Me? I think he’s hilarious. Is he a loudmouth and a crybaby? Sure. But what sports fan isn’t? And that’s what Cuban is—a sports fan. Oh, and he also happens to be a billionaire who owns his favorite basketball team.

Is he too involved in the daily management of said team? Perhaps. But he has turned the Mavericks into a championship team, and he always keeps it real—even if that means dissing the NBA on Twitter or taking a leak while holding the Larry O’Brien Trophy.

So even if you can’t stand the guy, you have to admit he’s kind of fun to be around. I mean, how many NBA owners do you see getting wasted at a college bar and dancing to “Gangnam Style“?


Cuban was in Bloomington, Indiana recently—home of his alma mater, IU—and he stopped by a bar called Killroy’s to get his drink on and bust a move. See for yourself:

The best part? Cubes aint got no shame. When the folks over at Deadspin emailed him about the video, he responded with the following:

“It’s pretty self explanatory. Didn’t you see my IU Rugby 50th Anniversary TShirt?”

Oh Cubes.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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