This Video Of A Furious Packers Fan Is An All-Time Classic (Video)

pissed off packers fan gives camera the finger

Just one week after being a part of the most controversial games in the history of the NFL, the Green Bay Packers once again found themselves being negatively impacted by poor officiating last Sunday. And this time, they couldn’t even blame it on the replacement refs.

One play in particular got the players, coaches, and fans pretty steamed. Late in their game against Drew Brees and the winless New Orleans Saints, with the Packers having just taken a 28-27 lead, a kickoff return by the Saints’ Darren Sproles was fumbled. However, the referees ruled that he was down by contact, and the Saints got to keep possession within field goal range.

Uh oh. Not again, right?

Well, this time things worked out for the Packers. A couple of penalties pushed the Saints back a bit, and kicker Garrett Hartley missed the 48-yard attempt.

However, until that field goal went wide with just under three minutes remaining, every single Cheesehead in Lambeau was irate. And one of them—an inconspicuous-looking middled-aged dude with a mustache—took his frustration out on a guy with a video camera who he believed, incorrectly, was a Saints fan.

Have a look:

How do you like the finger now?

That doesn’t even make sense.

I love it.

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