Blake Griffin Drains A 75-Foot Shot At Clippers Scrimmage (Video)

blake griffin 75 foot shot

The 2012 NBA pre-season hasn’t even begun yet, and Blake Griffin is already providing us with highlight reel clips.  But his latest highlight doesn’t feature another one of his patented high-flying slam dunks.  Instead, it displays another much-less talked about facet of Griffin’s game: his shooting range.

The reason why not many people talk about Griffin’s shooting range is because it is practically non-existent.  After all, the 23-year-old forward has posted an abysmal 52.4% field-goal percentage, and an equally embarrassing 59.3% free-throw percentage during his career.  But between rehabbing his injured knee and making appearances on Sesame Street, it appears as though Griffin may have spent some extra time working on his jump-shot this summer…

…And voila!  Now the dude is hitting 75-footers during scrimmages.

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