Soccer Fail: Arsenal Player Tries To Hang From Crossbar, Falls On Rear (Video)

Thomas Vermaelen hangs on crossbar

On Wednesday in Holloway, London, Arsenal played host to Greek soccer club Olympiakos in a Champions League matchup. And while the Gunners won the game 3-1 and remain at the top of Champions League Group B with six points, not everyone on the team was pleased with their overall performance.

Thomas Vermaelen, for example, criticized his team after the game as being “sloppy” on defense, especially in the first half.

However, if Vermalen really wanted to call everyone out, he ought to have started with himself. You see, for some reason Vermalen at one point decided to leap up and hang from the crossbar of his opponents’ goal. Why? You’ll have to ask him. There certainly was no cause for celebration on the play in question.

But to make matters worse, he lost his grip and fell down hard on his backside, making a complete ass of himself.

Check it out:

Hmm. Funny how he left this little nugget out of his post-game comments to the press.

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