Hulk Hogan Has A Sex Tape!

hulk hogan sex tape

There have been rumors swirling around on the internet for months now about a Hulk Hogan sex tape. However, footage of said tape never actually surfaced…until now.

Yesterday, Gawker announced that an anonymous person had sent them the tape, and, dutiful purveyors of gossip that they are, they decided to run a 100-second clip of it on their website. And I’m not talking about a clip in which all the action is edited out or pixelated. I’m talking about a 100-second clip that doesn’t hold anything back. Because the public has a right to know, right?

So who is the woman in the tape and how did it come to be? Well, we’re not totally sure. However, this is not your typical romantic relationship. In the video Hulk Hogan and the woman are about ready to get busy when some other dude stops by the bedroom for a quick chat. Then the dude is like, “okay guys, have fun, I’ll be in my office,” he leaves, and the Hulk and his babe get to it. Weird, right?

Based on this, I would have assumed that this woman is a prostitute; however, evidence seems to suggest that the man is the Hulkster’s best friend, radio DJ Bubba the Love Sponge, and that the woman—are you ready for this?—is DJ Bubba’s ex-wife.

Yeah, gross.

Anyway, if you should want to watch the extremely NSFW video, completely obliterating all your innocent childhood memories and forever altering the meaning of “Hulkamania” and “Hulking up,” then you can check it out over at Gawker.