Watch This Colts Fan “Dig For Gold” During The Indianapolis-Green Bay Game Over The Weekend (Video)

colts fan picking nose

Sadly, we don’t have any footage of NFL fans fighting on this October Tuesday because, yes, the Oakland Raiders had a bye this week.

However, that doesn’t mean there weren’t any notable cases of NFL fans embarrassing themselves this past weekend.

The best example? That would be this Indianapolis Colts fan. Apparently his team’s inspirational, wild, come-from-behind, back-and-forth victory over Aaron Rodgers and the formerly-mighty Green Bay Packers on Sunday wasn’t enough to entertain him. So between downs, he decided to excavate his nasal passages.

Check it out:

I sure hope he picked a winner.

Of course, this is not the first instance of epic nose-picking in sports. There are actually a shocking number of instances of athletes and fans digging for buried treasure inside their own noses. Last season we saw Jets QB Mark Sanchez pickin’ and wipin’. We’ve also seen Spanish goalkeeper Iker Casillas get in on the pick ‘n’ wipe action. Then there was the German soccer coach who did the old pick ‘n’ eat at the World Cup, which was revolting. And of course, how can we forget the poor Phillies fan who got caught doing the digging dead on camera.

So, yeah, this is just another disgusting example of nose picking in sports.

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