Polish Soccer Player Saves Goal, But Slides Crotch-First Into Goal Post (Video)

Lukasz Piszczek slides into goal post crotch first

You know that old expression, “take one for the team”?

Well, that doesn’t quite cut it for the play you’re about to see. This guy took two for the team—and it probably felt like he took about 50.

On Sunday, reigning Bundesliga champions Borussia Dortmund took on Hanover 96. And though they were able to walk away with a 1-1 draw that kept them one point ahead of Hanover at fourth place in the standings, they actually might have lost that game if not for the selfless play of Polish defender Lukasz Piszczek.

You see, with time winding down in the first half and Dortmund up 1-0, Hanover got the ball deep inside Dortmund territory, where their striker was able to evade the Dortmund goalie to gain a clear shot on the open net. However, Piszczek came flying back to the goal just in time to kick the ball away.

Then he crashed into the goal post, nuts first.

Take a look:

Is that an epic nutshot or what?

Of course, Hanover would eventually tie the game in the second half, but if Piszczek hadn’t kept this one out of the net, they would have had even more momentum heading into halftime, and Dortmund might not have held on to that single point at all. So I’d say the team owes him, oh, about 30 or 40 beers.

Hat Tip – [101 Great Goals]

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