Rugby Player Ruptures Testicle During Match, Keeps Playing

paul wood rugby testicle removed

British rugby player Paul Wood would have given his right nut to get his team, the Warrington Wolves, a victory in the Super League Grand Final in Manchester this past Saturday.

In fact, he did give his right nut. But, sadly, Warrington still lost to the Leeds Rhinos 26-18.

You see, early in the second half of the match against Leeds, the Warrington prop (which is what they call a forward in Rugby) took a knee to the groin that ruptured one of his testicles.

But if you think this dude came out of the game, then obviously you don’t know much about rugby players. In 1986, a New Zealand player named Wayne Shelford took a cleat to the groin that tore open his scrotum, and the dude just had the trainer sew him up so he could get back out onto the field.

So, no, Wood didn’t come out of the game just because he had a ruptured testicle. The 30-year-old father of two sucked it up, finished the game, and then went to the hospital…where they removed said testicle.

Don’t worry, though. He apparently found the whole incident rather amusing.

After leaving the hospital, he tweeted, “Just coming out of the hospital to go home…Seriously feel like I’ve left something?” Then he followed that one with, “[Warrington coach] Tony Smith did say in his pre-match team talk last night ‘your balls are on the line here guys!’ I didn’t think he meant literally.”

So, yeah, if there is some award out there for toughest dude on the planet, I’d like to nominate Paul Wood.

Hat Tip – [CNN]

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