WWE Champ CM Punk Punched A Fan During Monday Night Raw (Videos)

cm punk punches fan monday night raw

With professional wrestling, it’s often hard to figure out where reality ends and choreography begins.

For example, about a month ago wrestling legend Jerry “The King” Lawler collapsed while providing ringside commentary during Monday Night Raw, and nobody knew if it was part of the show or something entirely unscripted until his co-commentator Michael Cole came on camera and explained that it was indeed very real.

But no one would have been surprised if Lawler’s heart-attack was fake. After all, it’s not like that would have been the first time the announcers became part of the WWE action.

The point is, whenever something crazy happens in the WWE, there is speculation as to whether it was all part of the plan, or if someone went off-script. And last night’s edition of Monday Night Raw gave us another perfect example.

Reigning WWE Champion CM Punk ran out into the crowd at one point while Vince McMahon was yelling at him, and he ended up punching a fan in the face.

But was it real or scripted?

Well, early theories floating around on the interwebs held that CM Punk was supposed to punch somebody in the crowd, but that he punched the wrong guy. However, further evidence has now surfaced that suggests the dude just lost his cool.

Here’s the main video of the incident that aired on the USA Network, with some handy slow-motion added:

From this, you can’t really confirm or deny any theories as to whether this was real or fake. However, here’s a video uploaded by a fan who was right in front of CM Punk while he was amongst the crowd. And in this clip, you see Punk become increasingly agitated, swatting at one fan and pushing another before he finally turns around the clocks the guy in the sun glasses.

As you can clearly see, CM Punk hits the guy who bumped him in the back of the head. And according to reports from CBS 13 Sacramento reporter Laura Cole, that fan has filed charges with the police.

So if this is fake, then the WWE is getting really good at orchestrating these things.

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