Here’s Footage Of The Braves Fans Littering Turning Field With Garbage During The NL Wild Card Game (Video)

atlanta braves fans throw garbage

Hey, remember that one time, during the very first ever “National League Wild Card Game,” when that umpire made the insane infield fly call that cut short a Braves rally and sent the fans at Turner Field into a frenzy?

Really? You don’t remember it? It was less than a week ago. The Braves were playing the Cardinals for the right to face the Washington Nationals in the NLDS. In the bottom of the 8th, with the Redbirds up 6-3, a shallow popup was inexplicably dropped by the Cardinals fielders, loading the bases for the Braves with only one out…or so everyone thought. In actuality, one of the extra umpires working the outfield called the infield fly rule at the last second, just before the ball dropped. That meant that instead of having the bases loaded with only one out, there were two on with two outs.

That’s when the Atlanta Braves fans went apesh*t and started throwing bottles and cups out on to the field, delaying the game for 18 minutes.

Well, anyway, Major League Baseball wasn’t exactly keen to provide lots of footage of the Braves fans’ nasty reaction, given how bad it makes everyone look. The umpires look incompetent, the fans look like thugs, and the league looks silly for instituting a one-game playoff and making the situation possible in the first place.

Luckily, MLB can’t do a thing about personal home videos that people post on YouTube. So today we have some additional fan’s eye footage of the embarrassing trash-throwing incident.

Have a look:

Not a pretty sight, is it?

But while most people were left feeling sorry for the Braves’ players and fans, it is quite obvious that the real losers in this whole ordeal was the Turner Field clean-up crew.

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