Kimbo Slice Knocked Out His Latest Tomato Can Opponent in Just 47 Seconds (Video)

kimbo slice tomato can knockout howard jones

Former street-fighter and YouTube sensation Kimbo Slice is easily one of the most fascinating figures in combat sports in recent years.

The guy first achieved notoriety when recordings of his unsanctioned street fights went viral and Rolling Stone crowned him “The King of the Web Brawlers.” Then he tried to make is as a legit MMA fighter, joining the now-defunct EliteXC in 2007, and competing on the tenth season of UFC’s reality TV series The Ultimate Figher. However, he couldn’t cut it in the UFC, and ended up getting cut after losing his pay-per-view debut to Matt Mitrione at UFC 113.

So what did Kimbo Slice do then? He decided to try professional boxing. And at the ripe age of 36, he made his professional debut.

But here’s the thing: KS doesn’t fight legit opponents. Instead he takes on one tomato can after another in order to build up his record, and even then his people have to fix some of the fights—like the one back in March against Brian Green, who somehow managed to last all four rounds against the 38-year-old Kimbo, only to get knocked out by a weak uppercut with only a few seconds remaining in the bout.

The point is, Kimbo Slice will do anything these days to make a little scratch for himself before people forget about him. And last Saturday he faced his most obvious tomato can yet at the Buffalo Run Casino in Miami, Oklahoma, as he squared off with a big flabby fella by the name of Howard Jones, loser of four straight.

So what do you think happened?

Watch for yourself:

Congratulations, Kimbo.  You’re now 6-0. Impressive!

Hat Tip – [Bloody Elbow]

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