Watch ESPN’s Samantha Steele Blow Some Guy’s Horn (Video)

samantha steele blowing horn

When Erin Andrews announced that she would be leaving ESPN to join Fox Sports back in June, fans of ESPN’s College Gameday were beside themselves. Who, we wondered, would step in to fill the hot-chick-talking-about-football shaped hole in our hearts?

But it turns out that we needn’t have worried. ESPN replaced Andrews with Samantha Steele, and she’s done a fantastic job.

Case in point: her coverage of the USC-Utah game this past weekend. Not only did Steele provide excellent, in-depth pre-game info for the audience at home, but she also entertained the crowd off camera by grabbing some random guy’s horn and blowing it. Or, more precisely, attempting to blow it.

Just take a look:

Yep, if there’s one thing a bunch of drunk college boys enjoy, it’s watching a really attractive woman blow some dude’s horn.

Anyway, as you would expect, this amazing footage has already been turned into an animated GIF. And, um, it’s pretty interesting.

Check it out:

samantha steele horn gif

Yeah, wow is right. Keep up the good work, Ms. Steele.

Hat Tip – [Barstool Sports]

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