21 Amazing Baseball Catch GIFs

amazing baseball catch gifs

The other day I was watching a little postseason baseballtotally not while I was at work—when I saw St. Louis Cardinals center fielder Jon Jay make a fantastic catch up against the left-center field wall during Game 2 of the NLDS. At the time the Cardinals were up 7-3, but it was only the 6th inning, and had the ball fallen it would gone for at least a double, maybe even a triple, and possibly started a rally for the Nationals. So obviously, as big plays tend to do, this one inspired me to put together today’s list of animated GIFs of fantastic baseball catches. Not all of them were as important or even as amazing as the catch Jay made against the Nationals, but some of them definitely are. So take a look, and get yourself pumped up for another postseason baseball quadruple header today.

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