Check Out This Serious Fan Brawl at a Lingerie Football Game (Video)

LFL canada fan brawl

In the Lingerie Football League, it’s not easy for something happening in the stands to overshadow what’s happening on the field. I mean, these women are playing tackle football in their underwear. And have you seen the way they celebrate touchdowns?

That being said, every once in a while, the fans will do something other than ogle the players.

For example, sometimes they’ll actually tackle the players themselves. But also, sometimes they get into brawls, which is what happened this past Saturday night during an LFL Canada throwdown in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan. The Regina Rage were in town to take on the Saskatoon Sirens, and apparently the inter-province rivalry between these two central Canadian cities has carried over to the fans of their respective undergarment football squads, because there was a pretty epic fight.

That, or some Raiders fans just happened to be in attendance.

No, I’m sure this was a fight between Saskatonians and Reginans who got too carried away in support of their teams…and too carried away in their consumption of Molson Canadian beer.

Take a look:

I love how the broadcast team actually goes out of their way to show the fan brawl after the commercial break. That’s good sports journalism right there.  North America’s other major sports leagues can learn something from the LFL.

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