Another NFL Quarterback Facebook Conversation (This Time With Mark Sanchez)

You remember those fake Facebook conversations between NFL quarterbacks we told you about last week and then again on Monday?

The first was a hypothetical interaction started by fake Tom Brady and fake Peyton Manning, who were fake excited for their real game against each other on Sunday. The second was a hypothetical interaction started by fake Brady, who was fake trash talking fake Manning after his real 31-21 victory.

Well, they were pretty popular, and you know what happens any time something becomes popular on the internet: it becomes a full-on meme. And today we have the latest installment of fake Facebook conversations between fake players. Only this time it’s all about the New York Jets and poor Mark Sanchez, who apparently lost his mojo after he started dating Eva Longoria.

It also includes appearances by such notable fake celebrities as Tim Tebow, Chris Berman, Troy Polamalu, Pope Benedict, John Madden, and even Matt Leinart.

Sounds fun, right?

Well take a look:

fake facebook conversation nfl 1
fake facebook conversation nfl 2
fake facebook conversation nfl 3

I know right? It’s not as good as the originals. But since when is a sequel ever as good as the original?

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