Watch Dwyane Wade Miss A Wide Open Dunk (Video)

dwyane wade dunk fail

How often does a 1-on-0 break end without a basket in the NBA? Like, 1 in 10? Or maybe 1 in 100?

It can’t be often, that’s for sure. Unfortunately, when it is your first game back after undergoing knee surgery, the chances are apparently much higher. Just ask the Miami Heat’s Dwyane Wade.

After missing a quarter of last year’s lockout-shortened season, plus a few games during Miami’s championship run, Wade determined that it was time to get the problems with his left knee fixed for good. Thus, he went under the knife on July 9, and has been making steady progress with his rehab ever since.

However, D-Wade still has a little more rust to shake off than his superstar teammate, LeBron James, who stayed sharp by playing in the Olympics this summer. And in the preseason opener against the Clippers on Thursday in Beijing, this was evident when he stole the ball at center court, went in for an easy unopposed dunk, and clanked it off the rim.

Check it out:

You certainly don’t see that very often, do you? But hey, at least D-Wade was able to take his epic dunk fail in stride. As you saw, he just laughed it off.

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