Check Out This Line Brawl From An English Junior Hockey League Game (Video)

hockey line brawl english junior league

Did you know they play hockey in Great Britain? Well, they do. In fact, they actually have a three-tiered league system (much like they do with soccer), with the Elite Ice Hockey League at the top, the English Premier Ice Hockey League just under that, and the National Ice Hockey League the next rung down from that.

This last one, the NIHL, is a junior amateur league that serves as a developmental league for teams at the top of the British hockey system. But just because they’re a junior league, that doesn’t mean they don’t take their hockey seriously. Because on September 30, two NIHL teams were involved in one hell of a line brawl.

The teams: the Sheffield Spartans and the Trafford Metros.

The context: the middle period of an 8-1 blowout win for Sheffield.

The cause: one Spartans player adding insult to injury by running into the Trafford goalie.

The best part: about 1:30 into the clip, when two player stop tugging jerseys and actually start throwing punches.

Check it out:

I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I’ve ever seen somebody try to throw his opponent into the penalty box before.

Do you suppose the people who play ice hockey in Great Britain are the same ones who start soccer brawls?

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