Green Bay’s A.J. Hawk Celebrates A Sack By Flashing The Shocker (GIF)

aj hawk flashes shocker after sack

For those of you watching postseason baseball on Fox last night instead of Sunday Night Football on NBC, you missed a big game between the struggling Packers and the 5-0 Texans in Houston. And for the first time this season, Green Bay looked like the team that went 15-1 last season, with Aaron Rodgers throwing for 338 yards and 6 touchdowns en route to a 42-24 blowout.

Of course, the game wasn’t notable simply for the re-emergence of the Packers offense. It was also notable thanks to a very questionable celebration by Green Bay’s A.J. Hawk.

It came after Hawk sacked Houston quarterback Matt Shaub in the third quarter with Green Bay already up 28-10. Take a look:

Hawk Shocker sack celebration

That gesture, in case you didn’t know, is called “the shocker.” For the benefit of our more pure and innocent readers, I won’t go into details about what it means. Instead, I’ll just say that the gesture is of a sexual nature, and it provides a recommendation for where one ought to stick one’s fingers (if you want to know more, google it for yourself).

So why did A.J. Hawk give us the shocker after sacking Shaub? That, I’m afraid, is a mystery. All I know is it was a pretty poor choice—especially while wearing those pink gloves for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

Hat Tip – [Die Hard Sports]

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