Chiefs’ Blocked Punt/Interception TD Against The Bucs Is The Weirdest Play Of The 2012 NFL Season (Video)

bizarre nfl play punt interception

The Kansas City Chiefs are really, really bad. So when you hear that they were involved in the most bizarre play of the 2012 NFL season—and, really, one of the most bizarre plays you will ever see in any season—you would assume that they were the ones at fault. But no. In this case, the questionable decision making came courtesy of Tampa Bay Buccaneers punter Michael Koenen.

So what happened?

Well, with the Bucs up 21-3 early in the 4th quarter, the Chiefs actually managed to do something right. Specifically, they blocked a punt. The ball then bounced back into the Bucs’ end zone, and the first one to get there was Koenen.

Of course, punters typically aren’t bold and daring men, so most of the time when they recover a blocked punt in the end zone, they’ll probably fall on top of it and take a safety. Why? Because if you try to run it out, chances are you’ll be tackled right away, giving the other team possession in the red zone. And, you know, it’s generally considered preferable to give up 2 points rather than 7 points.

However, on this play, Koenen was feeling saucy, so he picked it up and ran it out of the end zone. Then, after suddenly realizing  that he may have made an error in judgement, the guy made matters worse by attempting a pass.

And as you may have already guessed, that pass was intercepted and returned immediately for a touchdown by Edgar Jones. Check out the video:

And here’s an animated GIF of the bizarre sequence, just for good measure:

football fail bizarre nfl play punt block interception

Now, I know what some of  you are thinking: can you even attempt a pass after a blocked punt? And the answer is no, you cannot. So the ruling on the field was that this was a fumble.

Of course, despite this ridiculous play, the Bucs still went on to win the game 38-10. Because, you know, the Chiefs are still the Chiefs.

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