Alabama’s LaMichael Fanning Goes All WWE With Vicious Tackle On Missouri Running Back (Video)

lamichael fanning of alabama dangerous tackle suplex bodyslam of missouri running back

You’ve heard the expression, “adding insult to injury,” right? Well, the play you’re about to see is a case of almost adding injury to insult.

You see, on Saturday evening, the #1-ranked Alabama Crimson Tide were blowing SEC newcomers Missouri out of the water. It was 42-10 with just two and a half minutes left in the game, so obviously, Alabama coach Nick Saban took his starters out of the game and gave some playing time to the backups.

One of those Alabama backups—a 6’7″, 298-pound freshman defensive lineman named LaMichael Fanning—really wanted to make an impression with his limited playing time. So when he grabbed Missouri running back Russell Hansbrough on a first-down play from the Missouri 20-yard line, he didn’t just tackle him. He lifted the 5’9″, 185-pound kid up off his feet and performed a wicked suplex.

See it for yourself:

Oh really? Personal foul? You think?

Obviously, this could have gone very, very badly. Fanning could have broken Hansbrough’s neck. Thus, while Alabama, the SEC, and the NCAA have yet to hand down any official punishment, Saban did call Missouri coach Gary Pinkel to personally apologize on Sunday. Then, Saban had Fanning write a letter of apology and email it to Pinkel, who said Fanning asked that he forward the email on to Hansbrough.

Of course, as of 1 p.m. yesterday afternoon, Fanning still had an image of his insanely dirty tackle set as the background on his Twitter account. So, while he did issue an apology, it still doesn’t appear as though the kid fully understands the severity of the situation. I’d say a suspension is probably in order here.

Hat Tip – [Columbia Daily Tribune]

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